Birch Wood

Most wooden parts of the furniture are made of FSC Certificated Birch Veneer. Birch trees are wide spread particularly in northern areas of temperate climates, and Birch is one of the most widely used woods for veneer and plywood worldwide.

The characteristic of birch plywood is that it is made up of many thin layers of veneer, which gives the plate goodstrength properties.


The laminate used for the furniture is the high-quality nano-treated FENIX NTM, which is very matt and features a very pleasant silky touch. The FENIX NTM collection has the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

FENIX laminate are made of paper (over 60%) and thermosetting resins (30 - 40%) and created by a pressing process in which heat and pressure are applied.


Cords for the furniture are made of polyester from Austrian Robline. Robline is the leading specialist supplier for yachting ropes. 

The cord used for the furniture is 16-plaited with twisted core. This cord has a working stretch about 5 %, which provides an elasticity for sitting comfort.

Leather for Cushions

Standard Leather cushions are made from horse leather from Switzerland, Germany and Iceland. The leather has a natural grain and shine with all natural details intact, leaving the leather with a beautiful patina expression in advance, - a truly unique leather.


The various fittings and screws on the furniture are made of brass. The brass parts contribute with some fine finesses to the furniture and add extra sense of quality.

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