Birch Wood

Most wooden parts of the furniture are made of FSC Certificated Birch Veneer from Sveza. Birch trees are wide spread particularly in northern areas of temperate climates, and Birch is one of the most widely used woods for veneer and plywood worldwide.

The characteristic of birch plywood is that it is made up of many thin layers of veneer, which gives the plate goodstrength properties.


The laminate used for the furniture is the high-quality nano-treated FENIX NTM, which is very matt and features a very pleasant silky touch. FENIX laminate are made of paper (over 60%) and thermosetting resins (30 - 40%) and created by a pressing process in which heat and pressure are applied. The outer surface is treated with next generation acrylic resins, which are hardened and fixed through an electron beam curing process.


Cords for the furniture are made of polyester from German LIROS. LIROS is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tech yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. The cord used for the furniture is 16-plaited with twisted core. This cord has a working stretch about 5 %, which provides an elasticity for sitting comfort.

Leather for Cushions

Leather cushions are made of VACONA aniline leather from CAMO. VACONA is chrome-tanned and manufactured without the use of PCP and CFC which are harmful to the environment.

The beautiful smooth surface makes VACONA unique and very special for upholstery of exclusive design furniture. The cushions are made of Danish upholsterer.


The various fittings and screws on the furniture are made of brass. The brass parts contribute with some fine finesses to the furniture and add extra sense of quality.

Fabrics for Cushions

Fabric cushions are made of fabrics from renowned Lelievre. French tradition and inside knowledge has been passed down four generations from 1914 to create these luxury fabrics.

The cushions are made of Danish upholsterer, and are offered in textiles ranging from plain, classic to contemporary patterns.